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Finding the Right Wedding Planner

Looking for the perfect wedding planner typically takes a bit of effort, but watching your dream wedding pull together makes all your hard work worthwhile. The following are tips to help you minimize the stress that may come with looking, and land a planner you will totally love.

Do Your Research

Go to your prospective planners’ websites to scan photos of recent weddings they’ve handled and help narrow down your list. Do elements like lighting, d?cor, colors, etc. This is likely what the planner has the most experience in, so decide if you want it. Also, find information about the planning services they offer, the clients they’ve worked with in the past, industry awards and membership in professional associations.
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Calling Your Top Picks
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Call your top three or four picks and ask them about their pricing, availability, and the average cost of the weddings they plan. If their answers match your budget and your own plans, arrange appointments with each of them.

Getting Ready for the Initial Meeting

) that will help you create a more accurate picture of how you want your wedding to be. At your meeting, inquire about the events they’ve done and observe their personalities closely. Think you can have a harmonious and productive working relationship with them? Tell them about your style and colors and see how they respond. Enthusiasm is crucial.

Calling Their Past Clients

Don’t feel pressured to hire anybody on the spot. Spend time to call their past clients and ask them the following questions:

> How closely did they follow to your budget?
> Can you send me a few photos from your wedding? This is a great way to check the overall consistency and professionalism of the planner.

Planners’ portfolios are stuffed with their best work, and, certainly, they’ll refer you to couples they know were satisfied with their work, so look online for other real weddings they’ve handled as well.

> Was the wedding just as you wanted it to be?

> Did they respond quickly to your emails or phone calls, and was it nice working with them?

> What did your guests say about your wedding?

> Were there are any hitches and how were they taken care of?

Sealing the Deal

Spend time to compare impressions, notes, prices and formal proposals (planners should present their overall vision for your wedding, along with their intended services, through a written proposal which then serves as the basis for your contract). The moment you’ve found your planner, call them and tell them you are interested and waiting for a contract.