A 10-Point Plan for Proxies (Without Being Overwhelmed)

Secure Your Internet with a Proxy Server

A paid proxy server is either a website, a program, or a software that will ensure the protection of your personal information from being known by another identity. Through the proxy server, the identity of your IP will be protected from the server.

Embedded in your computer are spywares or cookies that can trigger unwanted retrieving of your information the moment you visit a website. Information could be passed on to scammers and hackers through these cookies or spywares without you knowing it. With this going on, these scammers and hackers are watching your activity on your computer and are stealing your personal information. When this happen, there could be a possible embarrassment in your financial or personal life. A proxy server is an assurance that your IP will not be hacked or stolen, and you have the confidence that you are incognito while browsing the net.

There are different kinds of proxy servers. The first kind of proxy can be downloaded and installed into a computer program that will effortlessly connect your computer to another computer. The second type of proxy server is a web based proxy, with a process of visiting the site of the proxy server and thus you can bypass direct connection when the proxy of the other is used. Through this proxy server, browsing through the internet becomes a free flowing activity without interruptions by ads, cookies or hidden scripts, but take note that this kind of proxy has its disadvantages. The drawback of a web based proxy comes in the form of being able to block your access to the past websites you have visited because it has the capability to detect your browsing history. Also, your privacy is not guaranteed because a proxy server can be recognized and thus may block your access.
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There is another type of proxy server that is available to the general public and this called the open proxy. This option is not safe and usually is the type that is used for different illegal activities since it won’t allow you to bypass any network security. With the ability to detect illegal activities, government officials and federal personnel use this kind of proxy. Therefore, it is advisable that you use a user name and a password so that you can be sure that you are not using this open proxy.
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For those who do not know on how to secure their internet servers, it is advisable that you first orient yourself in choosing the right paid SOCKS proxy.

To transfer data and information between clients computers, the server that is used is called SOCKS which is short for sockets. With the use of internet protocol, these paid SOCKS proxies keep clients information anonymous and safe in terms of security purposes.