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Things to Know about Immigration Bail Bonds?

If an illegal immigrant has been arrested by the Immigration and Naturalization Service and has been issued a warrant of arrest, he/she is eligible for an immigration bond. An immigration bond, just like other bail bonds will guarantee that an individual charged with violations of the law will appear in court. The amount of a bond must be enough to ensure that the defendant will appear for all further immigration proceedings. If eligible, the illegal alien can be considered for the bail bond. The eligibility depends on whether the person will pose a danger to property or persons or not, and that he/she is likely to appear before court proceedings in the future to the satisfaction of the immigration officer.

The immigration bail can be posted only when the INS declares the alien eligible. A private company rather than the INS can pose immigration bonds. The company should be provided with the name and registration number of the alien together with the facility where he/she is being held. Everything, including the annual premium payment paid to the bail agent, that is basically required for immigration bail bonds is the same requirements for other types of bail bonds.

Immigration bonds require casualty license instead of the usual license. When the alien is summoned but does not appear in court, then the bail bond is immediately forfeited. Because of language barriers, bail bond agents sometimes find it difficult to provide immigration bail bonds. The processes in collecting the collateral vary in immigration cases.
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These immigration bail bonds is not a guarantee that the individual will not be deported from the country. What the bond ensures is that the alien can discuss with a lawyer the next steps necessary in order to correct the situation with the INS.
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Immigration bonds and other jail bonds may be the same in many ways but there are specific rules and requirements which are not the same. If you are an alien and need to understand the specifics of immigration bail bonds then you need an attorney who is familiar with immigration issues.

There are two options to pay the immigration bail bonds. It is either a surety bond or a cash bond. The agent will charge you with at least fifteen percent of the total bond, and it is typically non refundable. If you choose the cash bond, you can pay the full amount of the bond, and if you are successful in attending all the court hearings, then the full amount will be returned in full.

There are other options given to the alien and one of them is to intentionally leave the country under a predetermined time and with their personal expenses. In the event that the illegal alien leaves the country the bail bond can be refunded, but if he does not leave during a specific time, the bond will be relinquished.