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3 Things You Should Know about Filing a Workers’ Compensation Claim

While some jobs have more hazards and perils than others, not all jobs are danger-free. All jobs come with their own sets of potential injuries, and if and when you sustain one as a direct result of your employment, you have the right to file for a workers’ compensation claim. Unfortunately, not a lot of people know how to file for a workers’ compensation which is why many feel confused about the entire process. Speed up the process of filing a claim by taking note of these three important facts.

1. Different Filing Periods – Commonly, the filing period spans for a month after the injury, but that can change from state to state. However, some states require filing just days after the injury, and there are others that can accept claims even two years after the injury. If you need to go to the hospital for your injuries, have someone find out the filing period for your specific employer. This way, you can prepare the necessary documents and start the process before it’s too late. Your employer also has deadlines to follow, so if you want to get that settlement, be sure to file early.

2. Some Employers Will Dispute You – There are some employers who will dispute a claim, if not because they don’t believe you, because they don’t want to make payments. If you’re running after a deadline, this can be very problematic. The best way to prove your claim would be to come up with all the evidence you need for it, as well as to provide complete medical records explaining the why’s and how’s of your injuries.
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3. Settlements Depend on the Extent of Injuries – Injuries that only require a few stitches and some rest won’t get you much more than just the cost of the treatment you received. but if you sustained life long disabilities, if the injuries are extensive and life-altering, or if it will take a lot for you to heal from the injuries sustained, you should be able to get enough from your employer to cover the costs of the medical treatment as well as the lost salary you might incur. Be sure you know how much you’re entitled to receive by consulting with a lawyer who can help you figure out the right computations.
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Apply these three tips when you file for your workers’ compensation to get your settlement fast and easy. You might also want to hire a lawyer to help guide you through the process.