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Bishop E. Bernard Jordan: Master Prophet and The Gift of Prophecy You have to know that people who have received the gift of prophecy are not necessarily capable of predicting future events. There are many changes that progressed and happened in the worldwide prophetic movement. Over the past years, bridges have been created among the prophetic community. We need to rejoice and be thankful for diversity whether it is delivered in evangelism, worship, prayer, writing or media. We need to raise the bar. What must be our standard to be effective leaders and role models? We need to bear in mind that the spirit of prophecy is Jesus Christ’s testimony. Let us keep our integrity, be a people of authentic grace, following Jesus as our true and sole example of serving God. First and foremost, we have to go back to basics and check ourselves, we need to follow Christ and be like Christ, so we need to set a high standards for ourselves basing on Christ. We should find our identity in Jesus Christ. Modern prophecy must be based still in bible prophecy which as our final authority. We need to cultivate character and walk in a culture of honor to carry the gift. We are fruits of the Spirit, and so we are valued as gifts of the Spirit. Let us build the body of Christ, including the community and the local church. Prophets are chosen by God, and the responsibility lies in the proclamation of His word. It is written in the bible the three purposes of divine prophecy which tackles edification, exhortation and consolation by Paul. Edification pertains to building up people in God’s faith, to enable them to be more effective in the ministry. Exhortation is the motivation and admonishment for people to do good actions and encourage other people to do the same. Consolation refers to alleviating distress and giving solace and comfort.
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Encouragement is important in order to influence other people to be good followers and good leaders. God’s gift of prophecy is used by the Holy Spirit to convict sinners and to convince them that God has good intentions for them. We all need in some point additional convicting and convincing so we can take the path to holiness. God’s spirituality and holiness penetrate the hearts of inquirers and unbelievers, also with prophets layer by layer. Thus, a true prophet promotes the purity of the Lord resulting in greater purity. Prophecy is God’s vocal gift to His chosen People, teaching others about His words and divine plan. As chosen people, there should be maturity in handling God’s gift of prophecy, recognizing the aspects of prophetic revelation namely the spirit prophecy, the ministry prophecy, the gift prophecy, and the office of a prophet.
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The gift of prophecy spiritual gift coming from God, given generously to His people in order to help them walk with sure steps of faith. The ministry of prophecy is important in exercising the gift of prophecy, so it is intact and bounded according to God’s divine plan