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Get to Know More About the Types of Drug Testing Methods and Processes There have been a number of ways for people to be confirmed and drug-free and among this is the process and method of drug testing. The very type of drug that the testing will detect are those that are illegal and are not prescribed to the individual. Generally speaking, the very purpose of which serves best to companies who handle a couple of employees to ensure that the establishment’s name will not be tarnished. To talk more about it, the things that we will be including are the variations of drug testing methods and in most cases, these are the ones that not everyone are aware of. Urine testing basically is among the most common types of drug testing. The start of which is that the patient will be required to urinate in a vial so the vial will be tested and will be used to confirm and assure that the patient is or is not under the influence of drugs. Technically speaking, there is a variety of drugs that the common urine testing is able to detect and some of these include phencyclidine, benzodiazepines, marijuana, cocaine, methamphetamine, methadone, and the list just goes on. Generally speaking, because of it being that this type of drug testing is direct and not that complex, it includes a number of consequences in the end. Some of these flaws include false positive results at the end of the testing.
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Hair drug testing is the one that we have in our list and just like the urine drug testing, this allows the result to be able to tell on whether or not the patient was recently under the influence of drugs and more into the types of drugs that it is capable of detecting, it most likely includes the things that we had mentioned in the urine like opiates, marijuana, cocaine, amphetamines, and so on.
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The way this has been made possible is because the drugs are released to our blood and the hair follicles that we have is an exit way to supply and nourish the hair as the hair develops. Blood vessels technically are what directly carries these drugs and as the hair develops and grows, the diffused blood vessels should show the very symptoms of the drug taken. Taking a blood test also is an effective way to do drug testing and because of it being that drugs are diffused in the blood, to have a blood test for drug testing will most likely be the best way to detect such. These are just among the types that are there because there still are a number of which that are now developed and used.