Questions to Ask Yourself About Getting an MBA

If you are thinking about getting an MBA, and you want to be sure you are taking the right path to your future goals, you need to ask yourself a few questions.

Start with the basic questions like:

 Is this the career path that I want to pursue? This one is important. The people who are stuck in jobs they hate are legion. Everywhere no matter where you are there are people who bemoan the fact that they do the jobs that they do. Don’t be that person. There are a great many different career paths that you can take that will lead to happiness, and lead to prosperity as well. Why, if that is the case, take a path that will lead you somewhere you don’t actually want to go?


Where do my talents lie? If you are good with numbers and are fascinated by the stock market, then that MBA is probably the right path for you, and is a good place to begin if that is your path. But if you aren’t that person, maybe you should turn down another path. Look at other people who are MBA’s, talk to people who are MBA’s and who know people in that line of work. After you get an idea of the type of person and personality that inhabit those positions, ask yourself if you can picture yourself in their shoes. If you can’t, it’s time to look elsewhere.


Can I afford it? That MBA is not inexpensive, and while there are ways to defray costs, pell grants, Stafford loans and the like, be sure that you can actually afford to get that degree. Whether you are thinking of living on campus or off campus, those costs have to be accounted for, as do textbook costs, which are generally insanely expensive, and the everyday costs of living, like food, bills and all the other things that everyday life as an adult in the world are made of.

Have I applied yet? If not, you may be surprised at some school’s prerequisites for admission. Do you have a letter of recommendation for the school you’re applying to? Do you know if the school you want to go to has hurdles that must be leapt before going there? Research the school you want to go to prior to applying, get to know what they need from you before applying. If you don’t, you run the risk of getting a rejection letter because you did not research the school you want to go to enough.

The more questions you ask yourself, the better your chances of getting where you want to go.